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You’re in charge now, so what’s next? Tips to help your Dragon Age: Inquisition mid-game

WARNING: Dragon Age: Inquisition spoilers lie ahead! This guide exists to educate players on some of the game’s more advanced systems, and it includes discussion of certain things that qualify as mid-game spoilers. If you haven’t reached the story’s second act – if you’re not sure, then you probably haven’t – then don’t read any further! If you’re looking for tips on the early game, check out our getting started guide for Inquisition.

So your Inquisition is growing and you’re not sure what to do next. Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s story reaches a significant turning point roughly a third of the way through, and while it doesn’t change up the gameplay status quo too much, it does make the earlier sections feel like training wheels by comparison.

You’ve mastered the War Table and gotten the hang of combat. Your characters are developing in directions that you yourself are guiding. But there’s so much more work to be done on building your Inquisition. So what’s next?

Interior design

Following the major story revelation at the end of the first act, the Inquisition packs up and establishes its new headquarters at Skyhold, a crumbling mountaintop keep. It’s not long before your burgeoning Inquisition transforms Skyhold into a livable base of operations, but the remodeling doesn’t end there.

Skyhold belongs to the Inquisition, and as the group’s leader, it’s your call to decide how things look. This is purely in the realm of cosmetic customization, but everything from your personal bed and throne to the shapes of windows and the look of hanging banner imagery is subject to your whims. Once you unlock some stuff, of course.

Dragon Age Inquisition Skyhold

Certain Skyhold customization items are found in treasure caches, but most of your interior design needs can be attended to in Val Royeaux. There’s a merchant situated roughly in the middle of the city’s main map, just south of the gate that you walk through to reach the southern portion of that environment. Interact with the podium inside and buy beds, windows, and banners to your heart’s content. To equip your purchases, simply head back to Skyhold and visit the Undercroft.

What the heck is that, you ask? Remember how Haven had a blacksmith and all sorts of weapon and armor crafting and upgrade tables? That’s what the Undercroft is for once you reach Skyhold. If you’re facing your throne, the door to the Undercroft is directly to the right of it. That’s where you go to futz with your castle, at the Skyhold Customization table at the opposite end of the room from where you enter.

The Undercroft is also where you go for all of your crafting and upgrade needs; we cover how all of that works in a later section.

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