Back To School Gear Guide

It seems like summer only just started, but it’s never too early to start thinking about going back to school — especially when that preparation means ogling cutting-edge tech. Whether you’re shopping for a new iPad mini, a quad-ready wireless speaker, or a precious espresso maker, you don’t want to be on the outs (technologically speaking) come fall term. Below are a few of our favorite gifts for any back-to-schooler.

Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1
Take it to the next level with the versatile Intel® Core™ i5 Processor-powered Inspiron 7000 2-in-1, loaded with high-end features and encased in premium aluminum.
Apple iPad mini 4
Great for taking notes and fitting easily into a backpack, Apple's iPad mini also provides an incredibly easy way to catch up on your favorite Netflix shows while on-the-go. Outside of the classroom, of course.
Symphony 1 Headphones
With immersive, high-quality audio and active noise cancelling technology, the Symphony 1 Bluetooth headphones quickly turn any school's quad into Radio City Music Hall — or the muddy fields of Woodstock, if that's your thing.
BrydgeMini iPad Keyboard
The iPad is a fantastic device but there's no denying that its keyboard leaves much to be desired. With BrydgeMini's iPad keyboard, typing woes go the way of the dodo. So should excuses as to why you didn't take notes.
Roku Streaming Stick
Roku’s streamer makes it easy to turn an ordinary TV into a bona fide media hub, allowing students to either relax after a long night at the library or, you know, Netflix and chill.
Polk Audio Omni S2 wireless speaker
For those afternoons spent in the quad playing Frisbee, Polk Audio’s Omni S2 wireless speaker is the best way to show off your back-to-school playlist. Just remember to delete the guilty pleasures before pressing play.
Nikon D500
Everyone goes through an “aspiring photographer” phase, and no camera lets Ansel Adams hopefuls explore this desire like Nikon’s D500. No more trying to pass off blurry photos as “art.”
Nespresso VertuoLine
Considering it's 2016, the best way to wake up isn't Folger's in your cup, but rather a finely brewed cup of joe from Nespresso's VertuoLine. Sure, it doesn't come in a tin can but Nespresso's java accomplishes something better — it tastes good.
Fitbit Blaze
Have you heard? It's hip to be fit. Well, hip to count your steps each day, that is. With the Fitbit Blaze wearable, achieving 10,000 steps is right around the corner. More like around a few corners, but you get it.
HTC Vive
Once the homework is finished (we stress, finished), why not transport to another dimension entirely? With the HTC Vive VR headset, doing just this is as simple as booting up a computer and putting on a pair of goggles.
MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Microphone
For those mornings where lifting a pen or typing on a keyboard seems extra difficult, the MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Microphone easily captures audio for lectures and interviews. It also helps avoid begging for someone's notes.
Seagate Backup Plus 2TB Hard Drive
Perfect for keeping backup copies of those upcoming research papers — and gigabytes of music, obviously — Seagate's Backup Plus 2TB Hard Drive essentially assures the "my dog ate my homework" excuse can never be used again.