Forget socks, give Dad the gift of tech this Father’s Day

Father’s Day only comes around once a year and while we know (wink, wink) you celebrate all that Dad’s done for you the other 364 days of the year, nothing shows your appreciation quite like a brand new 4K TV or booming speaker system — or both. Below are a few of our favorite tech gifts for Dad.

Samsung Galaxy S7 active
Give Dad the freedom to fumble this Father’s Day with the toughest Samsung Galaxy S ever. The new Samsung Galaxy S7 active, exclusively at AT&T. It comes in a variety of colors too, making it the perfect gift idea for every dad out there.
Magnifi One Sound Bar
Polk knows audio and with its MagniFi One sound bar, all those explosions and car chase scenes Dad loves in movies won't just shake the whole house, they'll likely even cause him to break out in a sweat.
Yuneec Typhoon H
Drones are all the rage these days and nothing says "Happy Father's Day" like gifting Dad with something he can endlessly enjoy and bug the neighbors with. Lest we forget, Typhoon's H is our favorite drone on the market.
Fluance Fi70 speaker
Fluance's Fi70 Bluetooth speaker boasts such crystal clear high fidelity audio that Dad won't have to go far to relive that summer he spent following the Grateful Dead. We'd warn the neighbors after buying this if we were you.
Fitbit Gunmetal Blaze
He doesn’t have to ditch the dad bod to embrace a healthier lifestyle, and Fitbit’s Blaze fitness tracker is the perfect companion for the active dad in your household. Just be prepared to hear how many steps he takes everyday.
Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker
You know how dad says to not get him much for Father's Day? What he really means is that he wants this CharBroil Smart Smoker that easily smokes a variety of meats. Enough said.
If you hadn't heard, physical cigs are out and vaping is in. Let Dad join in on this hip new trend by gifting him a PAX II vaporizer -- aka the cream of the vaping crop. Its 10-year warranty essentially assures the product will out-live the fad.
Roku Streaming Stick
The Roku streaming stick will let the number one man in your household easily stream all of his favorite TV shows and movies from services like Netflix and Hulu. With such easy access, who knows, maybe he'll even get into Real Housewives.
Samsung 60" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV
Game day won't ever be the same with Samsung's 60-inch 4K Ultra HD TV that'll make Dad feel like he's standing on the sideline with his favorite team. Don't be surprised if he starts shouting out random plays, either.
Uncharted 4 (PS4)
Naughty Dog's Uncharted franchise is platform gaming at its finest and in the series' final chapter, protagonist Nathan Drake is, yet again, pilfering ancient loot. The NFL doesn't start until August anyway, so what else is Dad to do on Sunday?
Sunbrite Outdoor TV
With summer in full swing, we wouldn't blame Dad one bit for spending a little more time with his precious backyard barbecue. Thing is, how will he keep tabs on the game while outside? Well, we've got three words for you: Sunbrite's outdoor TV.
HTC Vive
Help Dad escape from the stresses of his day job with a virtual trip to... well, anywhere. Be it outer space, a virtual contraption garage, or cartoonish raceway, HTC's Vive is the definition of out of this world.