V7 Nav740 Review

The Nav740 is very easy to use, has great features and only minor flaws.
The Nav740 is very easy to use, has great features and only minor flaws.
The Nav740 is very easy to use, has great features and only minor flaws.


  • Easy to use; simple interface; tells you name of roads to turn onto


  • Daylight glare makes the screen hard to see; setting Home point needs to be made easier
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The V7 Nav740 is a GPS unit aimed at people who are interested in a GPS for their car but have shied away from them due to their generally high prices. At just $219 USD it’s certainly very affordable, and surprisingly it’s not a “cheapo” GPS unit at all. The Nav740 is very easy to use, has great features and only minor flaws.

Features and Design

With its 4.3” display, the Nav740 offers the largest display in the V7 GPS lineup. The screen’s resolution is 480 x 272 and the unit itself is powered by a 400MHz processor with 64MB of onboard RAM. It also includes an SD slot that is fitted with a 2GB card.

The Nav740 mounts to a windshield via suction cup, and includes an AC power adapter as well as a car adapter. In addition to providing standard GPS functions, it also includes a multimedia player that plays movies, audio and photos.

The Nav740 includes a Points of Interest (POI) database that has 11 million entries, which is quite large. The unit includes maps for all 50 US states and Puerto Rico.

The unit includes a physical volume switch, SD slot, headphone jack, reset button, power switch and a mini-USB port (cable not included).

Use and Testing

Installation of the Nav740 took about two minutes, which was appreciated. We simply attached the windshield suction cup to our windshield, popped the Nav740 into the mount’s C-shaped bracket, and plugged in the power cable. Once we had power we waited a few minutes to get a satellite signal and then pressed the View Map button to see where we were. After a few seconds of calculation the map came up showing us driving down the road. Overall this is exactly what we expect – quick and easy operation with no hassles.

The “view map” function always worked, and we had no issues with it. We did have problems with setting up our home address though. When we pressed the Home button it said the address was not set up yet and asked if we’d like to set one up. Of course we would! It then took us to a window with an empty box for address but when we pressed it we were returned back to the main menu and the “Home” button was now grayed out for some reason. We eventually got around this by manually entering our home address as a destination, then going to our route history and tagging it as our home, but it shouldn’t be this difficult.

Finding points of interest (POI) was sublimely easy, and worked exactly as we wanted it to, showing us POIs that were closest to us first and quickly locking onto their locations. We also tried a wide sample of POIs to see if we could find something that wasn’t in the database, but the Nav740 never let us down. Even if the particular company or place wasn’t in the pre-defined alphabetical list that shows up on-screen, we were able to get to places like Subway by manually typing the name. Our only gripe is that the Food listing is on the second page rather than the first, which requires an extra click every time you want to get to it.

Once you’d chosen a destination the Nav740 requires just a few seconds to calculate the route, and does automatic re-calculation if you miss a turn. The on-screen display is very easy to read with your path indicated by a big green line.

V7 Nav740
Just follow the green line to your destination – it’s as simple as that..

We liked how it tells you to turn on specific streets, rather than generically saying “turn right in 100 feet,” as it gives you more confidence you’re on the right path. Also, just as you arrive at a pre-designated turn the on-screen display zooms in slightly so you can see the street name you are turning onto as well, which is helpful. The only problem we ran into navigating was when direct sunlight beamed into our car it caused a lot of glare on the screen and made it hard to read. This made the text-to-speech feature, where it tells you what roads to turn onto, all the more valuable.


We used the Nav740 for several weeks and had very few issues aside from the wonky “home” address setting and glare making the screen hard to read. We didn’t expect much from a company we have never heard of before but came away impressed that such an easy-to-use and high-quality unit can be purchased for just $229 USD. That is a very affordable price for such a good GPS unit.


• Easy to use, intuitive interface
• Tells you which roads to turn onto


• Daylight glare makes screen hard to read
• Setting Home point can be confusing