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Boogie Board eWriter video demo – an electronic touch notepad with unlimited battery life

One of the best things about paper is how disposable it is. A lot of times we doodle or jot down some notes really quick with no real intention or need to save or frame the work we’re doing. A dry erase board has a similar function. Well, now a company called Improv Electronics has developed a pretty neat electronic way to take notes. The “Boogie Board” (we’re not a huge fan of the name) is just a black LCD tablet that lets you draw on it with your fingers or any object you wish. You can take notes, do some quick math, whatever. It’s kind of like those erase toys kids have, or an Etch-a-Sketch that lets you actually draw. The black and white tablet weighs almost nothing, needs no batteries (it comes with a small one that lasts for years, they told me), and your drawing will be saved forever…until you hit the erase button, that is. 

The only downside to the Boogie Boards is that they don’t save, but the new Boogie Board Rip does. It comes with a stylus and lets you save drawings as a vector image and has a Micro USB hookup so you can put them on your computer. Pretty cool. The Boogie Boards range from $40 to $130 for the fancy one that can save. You can find it on Amazon. Give it a year or two and these things may be cheap enough for anyone to justify buying. Cool idea. 

(This video was taken last night at the ShowStoppers trade show in New York City by Jeffrey Van Camp.)