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Hands-on with the BlackBerry Q10: QWERTY lives on

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Good news BlackBerry fans: in just a few short months, your thumbs will be reunited with the glorious tactile feedback that you’ve been missing ever since you got rid of your BlackBerry Bold. The Q10 – one of two phones unveiled today at BlackBerry’s press conference in Manhattan – is a modern update on the design that put RIM on the map. Among it’s list of features it boasts a sleek physical keyboard, a powerful new operating system, and gesture-based control options.

Essentially it’s the same phone as the Z10, but with a physical keyboard that BlackBerry designed to maximize comfort and efficiency. They’ve increased the size of each key and widened the frets between the rows, so even the most fat-fingered among us can still text like champions.

Unfortunately, the Q10 won’t be hitting stores until April, but until then you can check out our full hands-on preview or Q10 photo gallery to learn more.