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Hands on with the BlackBerry Z10: Splitting your professional and personal life

Refusing to fade into smartphone obscurity, RIM has pulled the curtain back on two new smartphones today at a press conference in Manhattan. These phones – the Z10 and Q10 – are the company’s last hope to reclaim part of the smartphone market they once dominated. After the presentation we got a chance to test them out.

The touchscreen Z10 has great specs and boasts some impressive features, but perhaps the most innovative addition was the new operating system that lets users easily switch between work and personal phone profiles. Back in Blackberry’s heyday, it was the go-to smartphone for professionals, and it appears that RIM is trying to appeal to the same crowd with this new feature. Essentially, the switcher function allows you to create completely separate smartphone profiles for your personal and professional activities. For instance, you could outfit your professional profile with all the email and video conferencing apps you use at work, but keep all your Facebooking and tweeting on a totally different platform that’s inaccessible to your superiors. 

The Z10 goes on sale in the UK tomorrow, January 31st, followed by February releases in Canada, China, and the United Arab Emirates. Unfortunately those of us hoping to buy one in the U.S. will have to wait until a yet-to-be-announced date in March.