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Hands on with the Fujitsu Stylistic S01

At a trade show filled with all the newest, most feature-packed phones on the planet, Fujitsu brought something unexpected: simplicity. Phones get smarter and more complex with each passing month, and while the mobile industry progresses at a furious pace, Fujitsu knows that there are some consumers who haven’t kept up.

The Stylistic S01 is a smartphone for the tech-challenged among us. Built on a modified Android operating system, the phone features an extremely simple user interface that’s designed to help people transition from feature phones and join the smartphone club.

The phone’s main feature is its semi-capacitive screen. Regular touchscreens are often so sensitive that a mere brush can unexpectedly activate an app, so Fujitsu built a screen that requires a more deliberate touch to cut down on accidental actions. It also has some nifty sound-frequency controls for the hearing-impaired. 

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