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LG Optimus G hands-on video of new ‘cross-tasking’ features

I’ll have full hands-on impressions of the LG Optimus G soon straight from its unveiling in South Korea, but I thought I’d share a quick, on-the-spot video I recorded showing off a couple of the phone’s new features. This video goes over the QuickMemo feature, which lets you draw on the screen and then continue to use your phone with the note, and another cross-tasking feature that lets you do the same thing while you’re watching a video. I didn’t get into the camera voice activation or how it can snap a number of photos before you press the shutter button (similar to a feature shown by RIM for BlackBerry 10).

If you’d like to know more about the Optimus G, be sure to check out the official Optimus G announcement that we posted a bit ago. It lists some of the new features and has a link to the specs, which are quite impressive for a new Android smartphone. Our full hands-on will be coming soon!

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(Post by Jeffrey Van Camp)