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This phone’s rear cam is also its front cam (Hands On Video)

Oppo launched the N1 smartphone late last year, and it was so full of unusual features and new ideas, it seemed a bit mad. It was easy to pass the rotating camera lens off as a gimmick, so we made a point to check the phone out on Oppo’s flashy stand at Mobile World Congress. It was worth it, Oppo’s phone lives up to the hype.

The 5.9-inch screen makes it very big, but it’s wrapped up in a solidly built, and very comfortable to hold, body. The white model we used looked excellent, and the rotating module at the top of the phone had a very pleasing motion. Not overly dampened, and no nasty ‘clicks’ as it turns. Flip the phone over and in the center is a touch sensitive panel. You can swipe it to navigate through homescreens and webpages, or tap it to take a photo. Oppo installed its own version of Android, named Color, which you can see in the video, but the N1 was also sold with a copy of CyanogenMod onboard.

At $600 unlocked, it’s not the cheapest phone on sale, but the headline features are fun to use, and really make the N1 standout from the crowd. Check out our hands-on video above, and look out for Oppo’s next smartphone, the Find 7, coming in late March.