Recent Hands-On

LG webOS Hands-On 2:56

We held high hopes for LG's webOS smart TV platform after seeing it in action at CES 2014, but our hands-on experience exceeded our expectations. In our video, we show you what makes webOS so special.

Paradigm Monitor SUB 8 subwoofer with Perfect Bass Kit 1:54

You might almost dismiss Paradigm's Monitor SUB 8 subwoofer for not looking beastly enough, but this little 11-inch (ish) cube can really belt it out.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio Bluetooth speaker 1:13

Check out our review of the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio speaker. No, it's not a satellite dish. Harman Kardon's new portable Bluetooth speaker is minimalist in both form and function, but powerful enough to fill any room in your…

Anthem MRX 710 A/V Receiver | Hands on video 1:43

Anthem's MRX-series A/V receivers floored us a couple years ago. And now, the line has been refreshed with more modern features and a sleeker look. Take a closer look in our video, where we detail some of those updates.

V-moda XS on-ear headphones 1:52

V-Moda has always made high-quality headphones, but we think the company has outdone itself with the V-Moda XS on-ear headphone. As you'll see in our video, they are light, compact, portable and they sound spectacular.

Amazon Fire TV Hands-On 2:52

Does the Fire TV blow the Roku out of the water? No, but in an all-out race for set-top streamer supremacy, it runs neck and neck.

Amazon Fire TV vs. Roku 3 1:01

We pitted Amazon's new Fire TV against the reigning streaming box champion, the Roku 3, in a head to head competition to see which box was faster. The results were surprising.

JBL Authentics L8 wireless speaker 2:09

Check out our first look at JBL's gorgeous new Authentics L8 wireless speaker.

HTC One M8 hands-on video: A quick look at HTC’s next super phone 3:53

We take a look at HTC's brand new One M8 and its slew of new camera and gesture features. How does it stack up to the original One? Find out here.

Astell & Kern AK240 hi-res portable audio player 3:09

Christmas came early this year. See for yourself what it's like to unbox a $2,500 piece of portable audiophile badassery.
First Look

Anker MP141 Bluetooth Speaker first look 1:37

This simple speaker surprised us with some surprisingly balanced sound and a good amount of volume. Anker claims the speaker has class-leading battery life at 15 - 20 hours.

Harman Kardon Sabre SB35 sound bar video review 3:23

This sound bar has to be the slickest and slimmest we've ever reviewed. Harman Kardon outdid itself with the design of this system, sonically and visually. Find out why this may be one of the most popular sound bars this year in…