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JBL Pebbles are the computer speakers your laptop’s been looking for 1:21

Digital amplifiers are more powerful and less expensive than ever before, begging a new generation of USB-powered computer speakers to replace those bulky power bricks we've all struggled to hide behind out desks. Enter: JBL's…

Digital Storm Bolt II Gaming PC 1:20

The Digital Storm Bolt II proves that small changes can make a huge difference in a desktop PC. This new incarnation still looks a bit ho-um, but the revised internal layout is nearly perfect. The Digital Storm Bolt II is a tiny…

JVC GZ-R10 Quad Proof HD Everio camcorder – Hands on 2:38

There are times when a dedicated camcorder is called for, especially if the footage you’re trying to capture threatens your smartphone. That's when a toughened-up shooter like the JVC GZ-R10 HD Everio "Quad Proof" camcorder can…

LG G Watch 2:59

The smartwatch may very well be the next great frontier for mobile devices and Android Wear could quite possibly power them. However, after using the G Watch for an extended amount of time, it seems to us that neither the…

‘Wait, who made these?!’ Samsung’s first premium headphones sound shockingly solid 2:48

Samsung's first try at a full-size premium headphone appear to be wildly successful, and very much on the level with competing models from the likes of Phiaton and Ultimate Ears.

Samsung DV56H9000e Dryer 2:00

Samsung's plus-sized appliance isn't perfect, but it offers class-leading load size and a wealth of features that anyone can appreciate.

Samsung WA56H9000ap Washer 2:29

Big, beautiful and quiet, the Samsung WA56H9000A's intimidating price tag is excused by its wide range of features and strong performance.

Panasonic DMP-BD91 Blu-ray player 1:18

Panasonic’s new DMP-BD91 is now available for a cut-rate cost of around $85. Offering solid performance, and your favorite streaming apps, the BD91 is an alluring choice. But, like all budget devices, you’ll have to make a few…

Klipsch R10-B Reference Soundbar 2:18

The R-10B is Klipsch's new 'Reference' sound bar, promising premium components and sound performance for its manageable $600 price tag. The system is designed to grab those looking for a little more from their sound bar without…

Gionee Elife S5.5 Hands On 3:55

The main reason anyone will be eyeing up the Gionee elife S5.5 is because of its design and the super slim chassis. If that’s all you’re interested in, you’ll be satisfied with the device.
First Look

Hands on with Sunbrite’s Signature series outdoor TV 3:50

We aimed our talents for creating poolside havoc at Sunbrite's new Signature series outdoor TV to find out how it holds up under duress. The TV makes for a super-durable display that's a lot of fun for outdoor use, and looks…

Shure SE112 Earbuds 1:04

Pound for pound, Shure’s SE112 are some of the best budget buds on the market.