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Party Animals: The most disturbing thing we saw at NY CEA Line Shows 2012

As CEA Line Shows week in New York City comes to an end, we’ve seen many cool new products in the tech realm. There’s the Pioneer Wi-Fi portable speakers, the Speck Flag cases just in time for the Olympics, the world’s first touchscreen wireless router, the latest instant camera from Polaroid… and then this.

From DaVinci Now, ladies and gents, Jeff Van Camp and Natt Garun give you… Party Animals. We have no idea what kind of use you can make out of these other than to get totally wasted at a party and enjoy their movements in your drunken haze. It’s a shame we couldn’t hear what song these bad boys were actually dancing to, but if these guys don’t put a smile on your face on this summery Friday, it might be time for you to attend the nearest party and get your groove on to let loose.