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Hands on with Plantronics Backbeat Pro Headphones

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Plantronics doesn’t just make headsets for Blackberries and call centers anymore, and its new  BackBeat Pro headphones are a shining example of that fact. At $250, the BackBeat Pro take on a dense field of stiff competition, but they come packing specs that make some competing headphones look like kids’ toys in comparison.

Plantronics promises a 24-hour (estimated) battery life, active noise-cancelling capabilities that are unmatched in the industry, and Bluetooth wireless range that exceeds 300 feet (with line of sight). Even if the BackBeat Pro come up a little short on those figures, they’d still offer best-in-class performance in their price segment. Still, while fancy features are fun, sound quality is where it counts, and that’s where we start to worry. Plantronics doesn’t exactly have a long pedigree when it comes to audio quality, and in our short time listening, we feel like the BackBeat Pro get a little aggressive and metallic in the treble. But, often speakers and headphones need a moment to break in before they sound their best. So, we’ll give the BackBeat Pro some time to relax and see how they turn out in time.

For now, check out the headphones up close and get a sense for how they look and feel.