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Sleek and sexy in silver, the Rotel RA-1570 does digital audio for grownups

Rotel RA-1570 review

For the longest time, integrated amps didn’t come with digital inputs — not even the high end expensive models. Fortunately, manufacturers have caught up with the time and are offering top-notch components that accept the most popular digital audio sources and arming them with digital to analog converters (DAC) that can handle nearly any resolution of audio file you might throw at them. The Rotel RA-1570 is just such a component.

If you’re not familiar, an integrated amplifier is a two-channel audio component built for playing back music (and movies, too, if you’re so inclined) in stereo. There’s no surround sound decoders or built-in tuners of any sort — you provide the source, and the integrated amp makes your speakers sing.

Rotel is one of the most respected and accessible names in the high-end audio business, and consistently produces products that look elegant on the outside, but are built like a tank inside. The RA-1570 suits that description perfectly, and so far, we’re pretty enamored with it. Watch our video for a closer look.