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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

Samsung launched so many tablets in 2014 that it’s impossible to keep track of them all. So far, only a few have stood out from the pack; the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is one of them.

There’s no denying that the build quality is not as refined as the gorgeous aluminum on the iPad Mini with Retina display, but considering that’s its plastic, the 8.4-inch Tab S looks pretty good.

One advantage to the plastic back is that it makes the Tab S 8.4 significantly thinner and lighter than the competition, even though it’s on the big side.

The 8.4-inch Tab S measures just 125.6 x 212.8 x 6.6 millimeters and weighs 10.37 ounces, making it one of the most svelte 8-inchers currently on the market. It’s even thinner and lighter than the shockingly svelte, 7.5-millimeter thick iPad Mini with retina display, which weighs 11.68 ounces. That is an achievement.

In fact, the Tab S almost lighter than the 10.23 ounce Nexus 7, which is pretty impressive.