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Samsung WA56H9000ap Washer

Samsung may have the answer big families need, however, with its new WA56H900A washer. Boasting 5.6 cubic feet of internal space, Samsung’s new high-end appliance is the largest non-commercial washer typically stocked in North American retailers.  The next largest come in at 5.2 cubic feet and most top-loaders provide somewhere between 4 and 5 cubic feet.

The WA56H9000A certainly looks the part of high-end appliance. The WA56H needs 30 inches of width and 32.3 inches of depth to install, plus an additional 58.7 inches of headroom (to accommodate the washer with lid open).

The Samsung WA56 is controlled via a selection knob, which chooses the cycle, and numerous buttons, which customize the settings of each. There are 15 preset cycles ranging from the typical Normal, Heavy Duty, Perm Press and Delicates to more exotic cycles that target allergens, waterproof clothing and active wear.

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