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Sharp LC-60UQ17U Aquos Quattron+

The Q+ is not an Ultra HD TV, and it isn’t really any sort of hybrid, either. For all intents and purposes, the Q+ does not accept 4K content from any source you’re likely to have as it is limited to HDMI version 1.4, nor does it support Ultra HD from streaming sources like Netflix. Sharp prefers viewers think of the Q+ as its “highest resolution HDTV.”

We received the highest tier TV in the Q+ scale, the UQ17U, or UQ. The TV is packed with a massive amount of features. Beyond Sharp’s revamped smart hub, Smart Central 3.0. Marquee options include a claimed 240Hz panel (without the jarring “soap opera effect”),

Whether or not Sharp’s UQ17U TV is for you may depend entirely on your viewing habits. For us, the TV’s shortfalls in the dark and its poor off-axis viewing make it a precarious choice at best. However, if you love a big, bright, gorgeous splash of color, the UQ delivers like few others in its class. To be sure, this is a great bright-room HDTV.