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Simple.TV over-the-air HD DVR Hands-on

The thing about “first impressions” is that they are just that: first impressions. Often, you don’t really get to know and understand a product’s idiosyncrasies until you’ve been able to dig into its nooks and crannies and play around with its wide array of features. Such has been the case with the Simple.TV so far. 

The Simple.TV is a simple little box that lets you record free over-the-air HD television and watch live streams of those channels over your Internet connection on an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, a PC, Roku set-top box/streaming stick, or Chromecast. Setup is super simple, and the interface is pleasant enough, too, but the Simple.TV doesn’t offer the sort of DVR experience you might be used to if you use a TiVO or cable/satellite DVR. 

In this video, we take a look at the Simple.TV, show how it works and offer a little commentary on its pros and cons. You’ll want to visit back for the full review, though, because the further we dig, the more we learn, and there’s a lot to talk about with this seemingly “simple” device.