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T-Mobile vs Verizon 4G LTE speed test

When T-Mobile announced their new 4G LTE network at a press event in New York this week, we just had to put it to the test. Verizon has been the king of the 4G LTE hill for some time now, and we were curious to see how T-Mobile stacked up against the industry leader. The results are a bit skewed though – since T-Mobile’s network currently doesn’t have anybody on it, it’s not bogged down with requests from thousands of users, which gives it an unfair advantage. For now, T-Mobile’s 4G network blows Verizon out of the water, but we can’t be sure how it’ll hold up once the network goes live.

That said, the network speeds we saw on T-Mobile devices are higher than those we saw from Verizon’s LTE network when it launched back in 2011, so things still look promising for T-Mobile. Check out the full article on our speed comparison test to get more details.