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Hands on with the Velodyne Wi-Q subwoofer

When the subwoofer first started making its way into home theaters, it was pitched as a device you could place anywhere in the room and still work well because “bass is non-directional.” Unfortunately, we know the truth is far less convenient.

While it’s true bass is non-directional — meaning you can’t really tell where the sound is coming from, unless it’s right next to your head — placing a subwoofer just anywhere is not only a practical challenge, but poses certain sonic complications. In the past, long subwoofer cables were hard to hide, and even today, where you place a subwoofer in a room has a big impact on how good it will sound.

Fortunately, the Velodyne Wi-Q subwoofer addresses both of those issues to make getting good bass from nearly any place within a room much less challenging. It’s a wireless sub (save the power cable, of course) with a built-in EQ system that promises to optimize bass performance for any room. It also comes with a killer little remote control with tons of convenient functions.

In our video, we show how the Wi-Q’s EQ system works and discuss other aspects of the sub. Turns out, Velodyne’s latest creation is a little on the pricey side, but totally worth it.