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Video: Polaroid Instant Digital Camera Z340 hands-on demo

Polaroid has officially launched itself into the digital era with the newly released Instant Digital Camera Z340. Like Polaroid cameras of yore, the Z340 allows users to take photos and print them immediately. Unlike older Polaroid cameras, however, the photos are 14-megapixel, and the printing uses Zink technology, which requires paper embedded with ink that exposes images when heat is applied. The Z340 also allows users to print standard 3×4-inch photos, or choose from a variety of frames (one of which mimics the old-style Polaroid pictures). The Z340 is now available for $299. A pack of 30 sheets of  Zink photo paper runs $19.99. We had a chance to see the Z340 in action at Wednesday’s CES Preview in New York City. Watch a demonstration of the Z340 above.

Additional reporting by Jeffrey Van Camp