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ViewSonic ViewPhone 4S hands-on video: Transplanted iPhone 4S display and two SIMs

The display on the ViewSonic ViewPhone 4S looks familiar. So familiar, in fact, that you might suspect that ViewSonic just went to the same supplier and bought the same part. You would be right.

Of course, name and display aside, there’s little to connect the ViewPhone 4S with its obvious namesake. The Android-4.0-powered handset has only a single-core A9 processor, 512MB of RAM, and a 5-megapixel camera, which makes it pretty average by standards at this show. The main attraction will be its dual-SIM functionality, which allows travelers who hopscotch between countries to quickly swap carriers without physically removing and replacing SIM chips. That feature will come in handy in Europe, where it is ultimately destined to launch. ViewSonic has also heavily customized Android with its ViewScene 3D interface that allows up to 16 pages of widgets on an enormous 3D carousel. (This feature, we’re afraid, could definitely use some extra processing power to grease the wheels.)