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What it’s like to play Angry Birds with motion control (video)

We were aboard the USS Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum today to check out Samsung’s new 75-inch LED TV, but we couldn’t help but try out the first version of Angry Birds to run on a Samsung TV. This is the same Angry Birds you’ve likely played time and again, but Samsung has taken a new approach, adding motion control to the mix. We had a lot of trouble getting started. The TVs were set up in a very bright space, so bright that the Samsung TV cameras (built in to the TVs) had a tough time reading our motion. After a few minutes though, we managed to get the hang of it and it played pretty well.

To play, you have to place your hand (left or right) out to the side like you’re a robot who likes to wave to passers by. Once the TV sees that your hand is actually a hand, your movements are represented by a cloud on the screen. Close your fist and you can grab a bird and pull it back. The motion wasn’t nearly as responsive as a Wii or Kinect, but after some practice we began to have a pretty good time. It’s interesting to see Samsung beginning to dabble so heavily in apps and games. We think we still prefer a console for now, but Samsung may be on to something here. Angry Birds is free to play for anyone who buys a higher-end Samsung Smart TV.