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Marshall Major II Bluetooth headphones review

Marshall Headphones’ value-packed Major II get a wireless reboot. Offering intuitive control, impressive battery life, and solid wireless connection, there’s plenty to enjoy about these convenient cans. See Full Review »

Our Score 8

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Klipsch Image S4 Review

  • Affordable price; solid bass; good build quality;…
  • Initially difficult to put in
Our Score 8.5

Klipsch Image S4A Review

  • Small, light, and comfortable
  • Lively sound with punchy bass
  • Android device compatibility
  • Using in-line control for music pulls phone out of…
  • Volume control a little odd
Our Score 8.5

Klipsch Image X10i Review

  • Outstanding bass, treble, clarity and imaging
  • Incredibly lightweight and small
  • Five comfortable ear tips deliver superb fit
  • Built-in mic and three-button remote
  • Midrange can sound slightly buried
  • Average mic out of place on high-end headphones
Our Score 8.5

Shure SRH750DJ Review

  • Extremely Durable Build Quality
  • Great sound isolation
  • Brilliant highs and deep bass
  • Comfortable for long-term use
  • Slightly clumsy
  • Overly snug fit when wearing both earphones
Our Score 8.5

Sony MDR-AS50G Review

  • Great sounding; comfortable; very secure fit;…
  • minimal noise blocking
Our Score 8.5

180s Tek Fleece by JVC Review

  • Warm; soft material; good sound quality;…
  • Cord connects to one earpiece
Our Score 8.5

Bowers & Wilkins P3 Review

  • Spectacular treble response
  • Open, uncongested midrange
  • Sufficient bass for most listeners
  • Excellent comfort
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Slight midbass hump overplays heavy bass content
  • In-line controls lack tactile feedback
  • Very little passive noise isolation
Our Score 8.5

Beyerdynamic T70p Review

  • Exquisite detail
  • Reams of high register precision
  • Spacious, dimensional sound
  • Excellent dynamic expression
  • Extremely comfortable
  • No need for a headphone amp
  • Sound signature may be too bright for some
  • Build quality isn’t as solid as we’d like
Our Score 8.5