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Yamaha Pro 400 Review

  • Massively wide stereo field
  • Enveloping sound dimension
  • A tad bright
Our Score 8.5
User Score 0

Harman Kardon CL Review

  • Exceptional detail
  • Outstanding balance
  • Midrange a little bright
Our Score 9
User Score 10.0

JLAB Bombora TEKST Edition Review

  • Powerful bass
  • Smooth sound signature
  • Muddled center image
Our Score 7
User Score 0

JLAB Diego Review

  • Beach style design
  • Piercing treble
  • Muddy low-end
Our Score 4.5
User Score 0

RBH EP1 Review

  • Deep, defined bass
  • Wide, detailed stereo field
  • Some balance issues
Our Score 7.5
User Score 0

Nocs NS600 Crush Review

  • Big, deep bass from a compact in-ear
  • Clear, uncongested midrange
  • Aggressive, sometimes shrill treble
Our Score 7.5
User Score 0

Aiaiai Capital Review

  • Warm tone
  • Clear stereo sound
  • Uncomfortable fit
Our Score 7
User Score 0

Aiaiai TMA-1 Studio Review

  • Warm bass
  • Clear, detailed treble
  • No iOS control button included
Our Score 9
User Score 7.0

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I’m Caleb Denison, A/V writer for Digital Trends, and I perform the headphone reviews. The headphone industry has recently exploded and as a result we now have a selection of headphones so vast, trying to pick just one borders on intimidating. With our headphone reviews, we aim to help readers narrow things down to a handful of qualified choices by offering some insight on a given headphone’s features, build quality, sound quality and relative ranking against like-priced models.

For headphone buying tips, check out our complete headphone buying guide and our picks for the best over-the-ear headphonesbest in-ear headphones and overall best headphones.

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