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Framed canvas print

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Here’s the ultimate way to look like you were on top of your gift-giving game weeks ago. Walgreens (along with Office Depot and Walmart) offers same-day pickup on canvas prints, which are a classy way to make less-than-professional shots look gorgeous on a wall. Even smartphone shots can look like art. Choose the right shot and you have a gift they’ll cherish for years, and never know you picked it up at a pharmacy around the corner from their house as you were grabbing a six-pack.

Spotify subscription

And up

Why give one song when you can give 20 million? Despite the rise of competitors like Beats Music and Google Play Music All Access, Spotify remains the best streaming-music service out there. Spotify Premium unlocks offline listening, better sound quality, and best of all, no ads! You can give 1-, 3-, 6-, and 12-month subscriptions at $10 a month.