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Tech Gifts for the Athlete

Upgrade their training

The advent of constant digital monitoring has made “just doing it” a thing of the past for most athletes. Now, doing it without capturing the biometrics and sick video to show off on YouTube is like not doing it at all. And besides capturing bragging rights, the same gadgets can help an athlete perform better, get injured less, and have more fun.

Not sure where to start for the athlete in your life? We’ve curated a collection of digital gifts for athletes across the board from runners to swimmers, snowboarders, golfers, hikers, and basketball players.

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GoPole Reach Selfie Stick

For GoPro camera owners who can’t get enough of themselves

Know someone who can’t go anywhere without their GoPro camera? Helping them get the better footage might be the best gift you can give. The GoPro Hero has become the world’s most personal camera and nothing is more personal than a selfie. The GoPole Reach Selfie Stick has a GoPro camera mount on one end and a no-slip rubber grip on the other. It can extend from 14 to 40 inches providing the perfect distance for almost any selfie video.

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Strava Annual Premium Gift Subscription

For runners and cyclists who are always racing

Strava, a free app for iOS and Android devices, has changed the training game for many runners and cyclists. But there’s more than the free app. For $60 a year Strava Premium gives users even more, like the ability to track their “suffer scores” or filter their performances on segments by both age and weight. Many Stravanators never look past their segments times to explore the premium membership, but after getting it as a gift, they’ll wonder how they lived without it.

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SOL Republic Relays 3-Button In-Ear Headphones

For athletes who want to stay in the groove

One downside of being active is that occasionally it's difficult for technology to keep up. That's why the SOL Republic Relays earphones make such a great gift for anyone on the move. These in-ear headphones lock right into the ear canal and don't budge no matter how much jumping, shaking, sweating, and rolling is going down. Not only do they stay put, they fit so well that they block out most ambient noise nearly as well as noise-cancelling headphones. Plus, they come in five designer colors.

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Petzl Tikka RXP Intelligent Headlamp

For runners who don’t stop when the sun goes down

Serious runners don’t stop when the days get short, they just need a little light to show the way. The Petzel Tikka RXP intelligent headlamp is the torch they need. This multi-beam headlamp not only blasts out 215 lumens, it’s also has a sensor that analyzes ambient light and adjusts the lamp’s brightness and beam pattern on the fly providing, the right light for any situation. With a double strap on the back, the Tikka has a snug, comfortable fit for even the bumpiest of strides or trails.

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Pearsports Training Intelligence System

For athletes who want a coach in their ear

Few amateur athletes have the time or money to invest in a personal coach. But you can get them darn close with the Pearsports app (available for iOS and Android). Pearsports connects live biometric heart-rate data through a smartphone with real-time audio coaching from a fitness professional, to create as close to a private personal training experience as possible. Pearsports’ library of training programs includes something for nearly everyone, whether it’s losing a few pounds, doing yoga, kayaking, or winning a 5K race.

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Game Golf Digital Tracking System

For golfers who’d like to dissect their game

Game Golf is a “comprehensive system designed to seamlessly capture and display your golf game” made up of a tracking device worn on the belt and tags that go into the grip end of each club. Before a shot, the golfer taps the club grip against the tracking device, logging the location and the club being used. Game Golf then communicates this data to an iOS app that displays stats on number of shots, clubs used, and the distance of each shot. It’s like putting a stats guy in your favorite golfer’s pocket.

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94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball

For ballers who want some instant feedback

Put your b-baller on a fast break to basketball greatness with a smart basketball and app that work together to improve ball handling skills and performance on the court. The 94fifty Smart Basketball contains a sensor that tracks all forces exerted on the ball and reports the metrics to a compatible iOS or Android smartphone from up to 90 feet away. With the 94fifty ball, the free app, and a few videos from 94fifty.com, your baller will be on their way to a better game and more fun on the court.

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Garmin fenix 2 GPS Watch

For serious athletes looking for peak performance

When the quantified lifer on your list gets bored with simple fitness trackers, the Garmin fenix 2 GPS is the perfect next step. The fenix 2 wraps an altimeter, barometer, compass, thermometer, and accelerometer into one ruggedly, handsome case. When paired via Bluetooth with a compatible iOS or Android smartphone, it can display incoming texts, emails, and the caller ID on incoming phone calls. It’s a watch that would make Dick Tracy jealous.

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Oakley Airwave 1.5 GPS Snow Goggles

For skiers and snowboarders who need a little heads up

Know a skier or snowboarder who counts steps, logs calories, and tracks their sleep time with obsessive fervor? If so, the Oakley Airwave 1.5 is their goggle. Loaded with onboard Bluetooth and GPS, the Airwave puts a heads up display right inside the Oakley Plutonite lens, giving your favorite snow shredder access to data like speed, vertical drop, airtime, and total number of jumps, not to mention texts, emails, and incoming calls. It’s like putting a computer on their face.

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Boosted Dual Electric Skateboard

For skateboarders who don’t want to push

Know any skateboarders who’d like to roll around without ever having to take their feet off their board? If so, Boosted Longboards has the perfect gift in the form of a Bluetooth-controlled electric skateboard that can roll up to 20 miles an hour. With a power output of 1,500 watts, this high-tech skateboard can climb a 20 percent grade with no problem. Not exactly a Tesla Model S, but still one of the coolest ways to roll without breaking a sweat.