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Top 5 Netflix Secrets 1:42

Whether you’re binge-watching the latest season of “Orange is the New Black” or pressing play on a classic like “Forrest Gump,” these power tips can make your Netflix experience that much better.

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Q-Jays Headphones – Hands On 2:50

Q-Jays Headphones - Hands On Say a warm “welcome back” to the q-Jays, an ultra-small dual-balanced armature in-ear headphone selling for $400. Yes, $400 … that’s a lot, but then again, there’s a lot that went into making these headphones, and if they…

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Best Streaming TV Devices 2:53

Best Streaming TV Devices As convenient as it is to stream Netflix on our smartphones, tablets and PCs, nothing beats watching on the big screen for the ultimate in movie and TV show enjoyment. To do it, we recommend a streaming set-top box or streaming stick…

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Best Headphones under $100 2:18

Everybody expects more for less these days, and headphones are no exception to the rule.

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Best Bluetooth Speakers under $100 2:16

Best Bluetooth Speakers under $100 It wasn’t long ago that it took a serious chunk of bread to get good sound and versatile features from a Bluetooth speaker, but advances in technology (along with some trial and error) are now bringing us smaller and more…

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Audioquest Nighthawk Headphones 2:18

For Audioquest’s first ever pair of headphones, the Nighthawk is a distinct, fresh entry into the most crowded market in consumer electronics.

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Top TVs under $500 2:02

Top TVs under $500 There was a time when purchasing a ‘budget’ flat screen TV meant giving up on performance, features, and even brand names. No more. As technology has advanced, the mid-to-entry level HDTV segment has enjoyed continually improved picture…

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NAIM Mu-so Wireless Speaker 3:08

Ultra-premium wireless speakers are hard to come by. You've got your Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air, your Klipsch Stadium, and let's toss the Sony SRS-X9 in there for good measure. That's pretty slim pickins, but now you can add the NAIM Mu-so to the mix, a…

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U Turn Audio Turntable 4:41

U Turn Audio Turntable Vinyl records are back in a big way. You can find them all over the place now, and not just at that little record shop across town — even stores like Walmart and Target have joined the likes of Urban Outfitters in offering brand new…

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Paradigm 1000 SW Subwoofer – Review 3:08

Paradigm 1000 SW Subwoofer - Review Some subwoofers are best heard and not seen — boring black boxes rarely qualify as haute decor. But for Paradigm’s latest Prestige Series additions, the 1000 SW and 2000 SW, that rule simply does not apply. With…

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Soundfreaq Soundkick 2 1:28

Soundfreaq Soundkick 2 Soundfreaq has been rocking the center segment of the Bluetooth speaker market for a few years now, punching out plenty of affordable speakers that offer great sound for the money. The latest from the brand, the Sound Kick 2, is no…

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Technics Reference Class R1 Series audio system 4:54

Technics Reference Class R1 Series audio system No other audio system that’s graced our listening room has captivated and mesmerized our staff quite like Technics Reference system. This is the sort of audio system that you must hear to understand, but…

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