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Apple and TV companies still haggling over online streaming

As well as new iPhones next month, we might be getting a new Apple TV complete with a Nintendo Wii-like remote — but negotiations over a streaming service are still stalling.

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Netflix’s high-definition DRM cracked for the first time

It's reported that torrenters now have access to a 4K Breaking Bad episode, coming in at close to 18GB, after pirates were able to overcome the latest Netflix copy protection technology.

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Red Rhino stampedes where Apple, Amazon and Roku refuse to tread: Porn.

The Rhino Box is an Android-based set top box that walks the line on serving up boatloads of content. Max of 155 characters (counting spaces)

  • Pros: Good design and solid build , Plenty of ports to work with…
  • Cons: Kodi customization somewhat limited , Tricky navigation for…

Lou Reed’s last album with The Underground re-mastered for new box set

In honor of the 45th anniversary of "Loaded," The Velvet Underground's 4th album will be re-released as a six-disc set. It will feature the remastered LP in stereo and mono, unreleased live recordings, demos, and a remaster of "Live at Max's Kansas City" LP.

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Galaxy Quest to come to Amazon in series form

Sci-fi parody Galaxy Quest will be revamped as an Amazon original TV series, according to a new report. The streamer will partner with Paramount Television to adapt the '99 cult-class for the small screen.

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We’ve got more info on Gaga’s role in American Horror Story: Hotel

A new report reveals that (spoiler alert) Lady Gaga's character in American Horror Story: Hotel will have vampire-like tendencies for sucking blood; and there will also be a few tie-ins with season one.

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The Beatles nearly made The Lord of the Rings, with John Lennon as Gollum

For the 50th anniversary of "Help!" Variety looked back at how the Fab Four nearly starred in "Lord of the Rings." Both Stanley Kubrick and J.R.R. Tolkien ended up shooting down the left field movie pitch.


Pearl Jam plans to record 11th album within the next year

The Eddie Vedder-fronted rockers will record their 11th studio record sometime in the next year according to bassist Jeff Ament. The band will tour South America this fall and, presumably, hit the studio sometimes afterwards.


Amazon will launch Prime Instant Video in Japan next month

Perhaps attempting to keep Netflix in check as both companies expand overseas, Amazon Prime subscribers in Japan will soon be able to access movies and television shows on Prime Instant Video.


They may look dainty, but B&W's P5 wireless pack sledgehammer sound

The P5 are a solid new entry into the burgeoning field of premium wireless headphones, but be prepared to take your bass with a punchy sprinkle of spice.

  • Pros: Clear and powerful sound stage , Solid detail in the upper…
  • Cons: Bass can get too heavy , Acoustic instruments sound less…

Here’s what’s new on HBO in September and what’s going away

Whether you're a cable lover or a staunch cord cutter, there's never been a better time to get down with HBO. Follow us to find out what's new to the network each month, and what's going away.

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Was Daniel Larusso actually the villain in Karate Kid?

There may be more than one valid interpretation of the events depicted in the 80's classic The Karate Kid. According to YouTube user J. Matthew Turner, we should take a closer look at the behavior of the film's protagonist

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HBO doc feat. Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Carlos Santana will explore Latin music history

'The Latin Explosion: A New America' will explore the impact of Latin artists living stateside from cha-cha to J-Lo. Tommy Mottola, the former Sony music exec who was essential in Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, and Ricky Martin's success, will exec produce.