Outdoor Tech evolves your non-Bluetooth devices with the Adapt


We’ve seen an influx of set-top boxes lately  aimed at smartening up dim-witted TVs, but there are infinitely fewer gadgets that give Bluetooth-impaired devices the same kind of education. Outdoor Tech’s Adapt, however, is one of those pieces of tech clever enough to  free standard headphones and speakers from the shackles of wires. 

Emblazoned with a sasquatch-looking character likely intended to resemble an upright ape-turned-man, the thumbed sized Adapt has face-mounted buttons for volume control, track-switching, play and pause. It also has an internal mic, converting  headphones not already equipped for wireless phone calls into Bluetooth headsets.  

The Adapt is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery which juices up via an included micro-USB cable. All you really have to do here is plug your regular-old ivory-toothed headset or speakers into the clip-able Adapt and you can immediately establish a Bluetooth 2.1 connection.

If you’re an audiophile, this device might not be the right choice for converting your on-ear speakers into wireless wonders.  As fidelity goes, Bluetooth 2.1 isn’t terribly advanced (think FM radio), but to be fair, the Adapt isn’t terribly expensive either. If you’ve got $40, you can now buy your way into wireless freedom.

The Adapt is available now at Amazon and other online retailers.

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