Anthem introduces the AVM 20 V.2

It is eight high-end components in one. The AVM 20 v.2 functions as a preamplifier, digital-to-analog and analog-digital converter, surround sound processor (SSP), HDTV video switcher, entertainmentcontrol center, FM/AM tuner and headphone preamplifier.

Designed as a whole-house entertainment control center the AVM 20 v.2 allows your system to operate in four separate areas of your home, simultaneously. Any source can play in any of four paths, andyou can watch one source, while listening to another. The AVM 20 v.2 can also operate two complete 7.1 home theater systems playing concurrently. Two 12-volt trigger options allow homeowners toautomate as much of their system as they choose.

The Main Path provides video and multichannel audio for music and home theater. Zone 2 and Zone 3 paths provide independent video and 2-channel audio output with volume, bass, treble and balancecontrols operating independently of the Main Path, and of each other. The fourth path, Record, without volume for the purpose of recording, provides video, 2-channel analog-audio and digital-audiorecord outputs, selectable by source. With the addition of an external preamplifier or receiver the Record Path can be used as a fourth independent audio/video zone.

Anthem has made enhancements to this new SSP, including DD-5.1 decoding algorithm, refinements in Bass Management, the Motorola ‘56367′ DSP chip and a full range of surround sound modes.

The Motorola ‘56367′ processing chip can handle 150-million instructions per second and, among other tasks, it heads a full slate of surround-sound decoding; a package that includes the company’s ownAnthem–Logic Music and Anthem–Logic Cinema, Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby EX, DTS Neo: 6, EX Matrix, ES Discrete, and THX Ultra2/THX Surround EX with four optional modes. Unique to the AVM 20 v.2 is aTHX Audio Setup offering flexibility with THX processing that is not offered by other SSPs on the market. Consumers can adjust rear-speaker delay in a 7.1 setup to achieve the best surround soundwhen applying THX, and a Boundary Gain Compensation feature improves bass balance.

This latest version of the AVM 20 also provides a number of Bass Management fine-tuning capabilities, in particular, the ability to tailor crossover frequency settings independently for each speakergroup (fronts/rears/surrounds/center/subwoofer) in 5-Hz increments adjustable from 25 Hz to 160 Hz.

Anthem engineers designed the central DSP board of the AVM 20 v.2 as a replaceable plug-in. AVM 20 v.1 owners can upgrade their software to the v.2 set of features by contacting an Authorized AnthemDealer who is qualified to install the new ‘367′ DSP board (cost $300). Upgrade software is available as a FREE download from the Anthem Web site at The AVM 20 v.2 has an MSRP of$3,399.00.

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