Braven’s trio of new Bluetooth speakers cater to the klutzy, broke, and battery-deprived

Today, audio manufacturer Braven announced three new Bluetooth speaker models: the 850, the BRV-1, and the 570. Let’s have a look at the newbies.


Check out our review of the Braven 850 bluetooth speaker.

Similar to the well-known Six Series, the 850 is much larger than its kin, focusing on powerful, room-dominating sound. Sans meaningful specs (as we are at the moment), that’s difficult to confirm or deny, but the almost foot-long aluminum-clad speaker has more than one trick up its sleeve. The 850 is said to charge 2.1A devices like tablets and certain cellular devices, a feature virtually unheard of from a Bluetooth speaker.

Price: $300
Availability: TBA


Check out our review of the Braven BRV-1 bluetooth speaker.

The BRV-1 is billed as a more rugged speaker, one that can accompany you on outdoor adventures. Water-resistant, shock-absorbent, and ultra-lightweight, the small-but-spunky BRV-1 plays for 12 hours at a clip. Oh, and as a side note, it also sports a pretty sweet Tron-like design.

Price: $170
Availability: February 2013


If your wallet isn’t as flush as you’d like, the 570 is tailored to the budget-conscious consumer. According to Braven, the 570’s audio signature is identical to the more-expensive Six Series. The speaker can churn out that signature for a solid 10 hours at a time and features an impact-resistant polymer case if you’re the klutzy type.

Price: $120
Availability: January 2013

Seems like a nice lineup overall. We’re always a little leery without certain specs, but check out our review of the Braven 600 to get an idea of how we’ve felt about their speakers in the past.

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