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Couch Bound: Our weekly guide to the latest streaming movies, TV shows, and music

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Movies, TV Shows, Music


TV Shows

Brody StevensBrody Stevens: Enjoy It! (Hulu)

This docu-series follows stand up Brody Stevens after he was committed to a psych ward following a bipolar episode. The show is brilliantly funny and unflinchingly honest. If you’ve ever thought about being a standup comedian (or a patient in a psych ward)… this show will probably give you second thoughts.

Last ResortLast Resort (Crackle)

A bunch of Navy Seals get stuck on an island after refusing to launch a nuclear weapon. It’s like The Hunt for Red October meets Lost starring Andre Braugher and Felicity’s boyfriend from the guy that gave us Nash Bridges. How are you still reading this sentence and not watching Last Resort?!

ChosenChosen (Crackle)

Perfect for Hanukah, this series about a bunch of Jewish commandos that save the Mona Lisa from a North Korean dance squad is a heart-stomping – Wait, what? That’s not what it’s about at all? It’s about an ordinary father who wakes up one day to find a box with a gun and picture in it? He must kill the guy in the picture or he and his daughter will be killed? Okay, I’ll admit it. Your idea might be just a little bit better than mine.

Alaska the Last FrontierAlaska: The Last Frontier (Netflix)

This Discovery Channel reality series follows the Kilcher family as they live off the grid in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness. You have to respect a family that shuns the trappings of modern living, feels no need for the comforts you and I enjoy, and despises technology so much … that they let a camera crew film them in their home 24/7? Sounds like Alaskan logic to me.

Iron Chef USAIron Chef USA (Hulu)

Most of you are likely familiar with the original Iron Chef from Japan, and Iron Chef America on the Food Network for years. Well, this is Iron Chef USA. Originally shot in 2001, it plays more like a spoof of the original than an homage. While there’s no Bobby Flay, William Shatner is the Chairman leading us to boldy pan fry what no man has pan fried before.

final 24The Final 24 (Hulu)

This documentary series examines the final twenty-four hours of the lives of artists, politicians, and celebrities, before their deaths, as it dives into their childhood to track their impending doom. Profiles include John Belushi, Sid Vicious, and Hunter S. Thompson. All the class of the Kardashians, matched with the hopefulness of a dead pool. Good times.

Technological MarvelsTechnological Marvels of the Ancient World (Hulu)

This series explores the astonishing ingenuity of ancient contraptions made ages ago. Episode 1 goes into the incredible weapons used in warfare. The Romans can have their giant slingshots; nothing has had a greater impact on our world than the toilet paper, invented in the 6th Century in China. Still waiting on that episode though.

Almost HeroesAlmost Heroes (Hulu)

When two brothers’ dad dies, they must save the comic book store they inherited or lose it to their dad’s arch nemesis. Do comic book store owners really have arch nemeses? Well, as you can probably guess, one brother is a square and doesn’t like comics, and one’s wacky and does. Will they get along well enough to keep the store a float? I’m asking you because I couldn’t last one episode, so I won’t be watching. 

10 items or less10 Items or Less (Crackle)

A TBS comedy that sadly only ran for three seasons, John Lehr stars as a failed businessman who moves back to Ohio to take over the family grocery store. Much like Freaks and Geeks, it’s one in a long list of comedy shows that went underappreciated. So appreciate it on the internet!

BetasBetas (Amazon Instant)

Amazon’s original series about four guys working in Tech, attempting to cash in on an app they’ve created in Silicon Valley. The show has a sense of humor that, ironically, San Francisco lacks, finally giving Tech the razzing it deserves. It makes sense that Amazon would be able to create a story in this world, a setting that traditional television has only been able to look at through the lens of bad reality TV. Alpha House isn’t going to be Amazon’s breakout hit. This is.

BC OneBC One (Crackle)

A bunch of B-Boys (that’s hipspeak for breakdancers) head to Tokyo for the Red Bull BC One, the world’s greatest breakdancing competition. No Turbo, Ozone, or Special K, so that’s a disappointment, but this docu-series features dancing that is beyond impressive. 

Mr SlefridgeMasterpiece Theatre: Mr. Selfridge (Amazon Instant)

Jeremy Piven plays the real life founder and namesake to the famous London department store. Think a British version of Entourage, but E and Vince are nowhere in sight, and it’s not really that funny and there are no strippers, hip hop stars, or cool cars.

Dexter season 8Dexter – Season 8 (Amazon Instant)

The final season of the series that started so strong, yet ultimately disappointed so many. Well, if you’ve gotten this far you can’t turn back now. Go ahead and get it over with.

BurnBurn (Netflix)

This documentary series follows the firefighters of Detroit, the city that once gave us Ford and Motown, but now has the nation’s highest arson rate, as they try to fight blaze after blaze. I’ve seen pics of Detroit recently. Spoiler Alert: The blazes won.

How I Rock ItHow I Rock It (Hulu)

Baron Davis, ex-NBA point guard, examines the state of men’s fashion for the Esquire Network. In the first episode he profiles Jason Lee and others. I can’t think of another men’s fashion show so it should fill a void, and Davis is likeable. Though his best work will always be this

Alpha HouseAlpha House (Amazon Instant)

Amazon’s first original television series focuses on four Republican lawmakers in D.C. who share a house. It’s not the first time John Goodman has played a congressman, but it’ll be interesting to see if audiences will watch in a series based on a group whose approval numbers are lower than herpes. The pilot tried to stake some ground between the dark insider gamesmanship of House Of Cards and the absurdist humor of Veep. You decide if it works. 

its-always-sunnyIt’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 8 (Netflix)

F/X has recently made a bold programming decision: They’ve decided to make watching their shows difficult. Now that they’ve split one network into three – F/X, FXX, and FXM – and moved their channels somewhere between the Cat Meme Network and Period-Piece Music Videos, can anyone find their shows anymore? Well, thanks to Netflix you don’t need to. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a small but hilarious show about some miserable people in Philadelphia, was an unlikely success that has turned into a cultural icon. I salute you, Netflix, in the native Philadelphian manner and say, “BOOOO!”

that-70s-showThat 70’s Show Seasons 1 – 8 (Netflix)

Those who grew up with That 70’s Show will be glad to find it now on Netflix. They’ll be upset when they realize that show wasn’t actually funny (they were just too young to realize it). While the show did give us Mila Kunis, that doesn’t make up for Ashton Kutcher and Wilmer Valderrama. But nothing will. Ever.

The-killing-season-3The Killing Season 3 (Netflix)

The next great AMC show that no one really watches yet is The Killing. Based on a Danish series, it’s about the death of Seattle girl and the effect it has on the detective on the case. The Danish sure know comedy, huh? Well, Season 3 has just been added to Netflix, so you can stop watching Breaking Bad over and over again.

Under-the-DomeUnder The Dome (Amazon Instant

Based on the Stephen King novel about a small town that gets cut off from the outside world when an invisible dome falls on top of it, this summer-run series became a surprise hit and was thus renewed for Season 2. I don’t think the writers were planning on another season, though, and they seem to be making it up as they go along now. I’d say watch Season 1 in hopes that they figure out the direction of the show soon.

Behind-The-MaskBehind The Mask (Hulu

Behind The Mask,” a cute documentary series that dives into the colorful world of sports mascots, would surely pique the interest of sports fans… if there weren’t already college football, the NFL, and now the NBA on this weekend. For those you whose favorite part of the game is halftime, we have the show for you!

dexterDexter Seasons 1-4 (Netflix

The frighteningly suspenseful drama about a blood splatter pattern analyst for the Miami police who is also a serial killer became a huge hit for Showtime, and was a constant at awards season for awhile. Only problem is that the series ended with a colossal dud. Fortunately for you, Netflix only has the first four seasons, so you can get totally invested in the good part without the disappointment of the bad part!


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