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DVD Players Found In 35% Of Homes In Japan

More than half of Japanese households own at least one digital camera, while DVD players have found their way into 35.4% of them as digital appliances are spreading rapidly among Japanese consumers, according to a Cabinet Office survey released on April 27.


As of the end of March, 51.8% of households had one digital camera or more, up from 32% a year earlier. Digital cameras per 100 households shot up from 35.5 to 63.8 over the one-year period, according to the monthly survey.

The figure is expected to grow even further as 3.9% of Japanese households say they plan to buy digital cameras during the April-June quarter, up from the year-earlier 3.5%.

The survey also found that 35.4% of Japanese households owned at least one DVD player as of the end of March, up from 25.3% a year earlier.

DVD players are on the shopping lists of 1.8% of Japanese households for the April-June period, according to the survey.

Found VIA NEAsia Online and Nihon Keizai Shimbu