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Edifier S5.1 Speaker System Review

Quote from the review at The Tech Zone:

“The Edifier Group comes at us with their top of the line system, the s5.1’s! With sleek real wood enclosures, remote controlled, multi-setting display on the subwoofer, and extendable 6.1 channels, this is one house rockin’ system at 240 Watts. Not only are they meant for computer use, you can also hook them up to your DVD Player or Stereo System for true surround sound!

The 5 satellites that come packaged up with this system have ¾ inch tweeters and 4 inch paper cones which are all magnetically shielded to prevent monitors from distorting.  All at 25 watts per satellite, with real wood enclosures, the satellites also come equipped for wall mounting. All subwoofers of this kind should come with this nice of a Control Display. The multi-setting sub has built in flash memory to save all of your volume adjustments. From power up to power down volume fade that is really easy on the speakers, it’s quite the intelligent sub. With a thumping 8″ cone, the bass is just enough to wake the person upstairs.”

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