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We go hands-on with Yamaha’s answer to Oppo: Aventage BD-A1040 Blu-ray Player

If you’re into Yamaha’s premium Aventage line of A/V gear, then you’ll want to know about the recently-introduced BD-A1040. The universal disc player is designed to compete with Oppo’s well-regarded premium players, with support for SACD, DVD-Audio, DVD, Blu-ray and High-Res audio playback. Moreover, its innards are meant to be comprised of the best audio and video components available for the best possible sound and picture quality.

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Out of the box, the BD-A1040 doesn’t have the ultra-heavy weight associated with other Aventage gear or Oppo’s players, but on paper, it’s got all the necessary components to deliver a premium experience, while matching the aesthetics adopted by Yamaha’s Aventage line.

Our first impressions are that its 1080p upconversion abilities are top-notch, but its 192kHz/32-bit DAC, while well-suited to High-res FLAC audio file playback, doesn’t sound quite as good as Oppo’s gear, or the premium DACs built into high-end integrated amps like the Rotel RA-1570. That said, the A1040 does sound very good, indeed.

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In our video, we discuss the player’s other pros and cons, and whether it really is a suitable competitor for the Oppo BDP-103, which lists for just $50 more.