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i3 micro Announces IP-Based Set-Top Box

The MMB3 caters to a new set of consumer demands, including flexible video decoder support, multiple video outputs and HDTV capabilities. Utilizing the latest DSP-based TMS320DM642 digital mediaprocessor technology from Texas Instruments (TI),i3 provides the market with a cost effective solution handling a wide array of broadcast quality video codecs including Windows MediaTechnologyTM, MPEG4-AVC (H.264) and MPEG2 HD. With TI´s programmable digital media processor, i3 is able to rapidly adjust to market demands and offer functions such as codecs loadable”on the fly.” This flexibility will enable operators to have a mixed environment of encoded material to optimize the cost/quality/bandwidth utilization of their network.

“We are very excited about our next generation set-top box which we have developed to meet the new requirements from broadband operators worldwide,” says Chris Chalkitis, Chief Technology Officer ati3. “Having a strong technology partner like Texas Instruments secures the flexibility and stability needed for our product to be a success.” The MMB3 is planned to be available worldwide in volumeSeptember 2004.

“We are delighted that i3 has chosen the DM642 digital media processor for its next generation Mood Box,” said Arnaud Duclap, business development manager for TI’s DSP group in Europe. “Theflexibility and performance of TI’s digital media processors means that the same hardware can be used for different algorithms and different regions of the world. This is ideal for IP set top boxmakers and operators looking to provide the latest technology on the market.”

The DM64x offers flexibility to the customer by supporting a wide range of advanced audio and video coding algorithms from MP3, AAC and Windows Media Audio series 9 to MPEG 2, MPEG 4, H.264, WindowsMedia Video series 9 and other codecs. The data processing capabilities offered by the DM64x allow the support of a wide range of advanced applications, including personal video recording features,and high definition TV (720 lines).

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