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JVC Unveils Revamped High-Speed LCD HDTVs

JVC Unveils Revamped High-Speed LCD HDTVs

Electronics maker JVC has announced its High Speed II line of high-speed LCD HDTVs, designed to overcome LCD’s historically laggard response to high-speed action images by offering 120Hz refresh rates and the company’s new Clear Motion Drive II technology, which promises up to five-fold performance improvements over the company’s original high-speed display system.

JVC plans to offer the High Speed II displays in three sizes (37-inch, 42-inch, and 47-inch), each of which will sport three HDMI 1.3 inputs and a new streamlined cabinet which sports only 1.5 inches of visible bezel. All three displays feature 120Hz refresh rates, which operate via a frame doubling driver: the driver compares two frames which would have displayed at 60 Hz, detects changes between the two, and interpolates a new frame in between them, with the whole sequence being shown at 120Hz. JVC’s original CMD implementation operated on a 720p panel and only detected horizontal motion (which, frankly, makes sense for widescreen displays). The new CMD II system samples from more than 8,000 pixels surrounding a frame to create a pixel, and applies the process to the over two million pixels in a 1,920 by 1,080 pixel display. JVC also incorporates its fifth generation Digital Image Scaling Technology on what the company claims is a JVC-exclusive 32-bit Genessa chip, improving color gamut and reproduction.

JVC hasn’t released any pricing information on the High Speed II series, but the company says they’ll hit retailers "this fall" (we expect that means in the September to November timeframe).

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