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Klipsch Adds Image X5 to Headphone Line

Klipsch Adds Image X5 to Headphone Line

Audio gear outfitter Klipsch seems to think it has a good thing going with its Image line of headphones, which were introduced last year with the $350 Image earbuds—now rechristened the Image X10—that earned solid reviews but, let’s face it, they’re earbuds. Now Klipsch has decided that it wants to build on that success, but perhaps reach out to a wider market segment. Its answer? The forthcoming Image X5 earbuds, claiming to offer a full-range design with a tuned bass reflex response and noise-isolating ear gels that let users focus purely on their music…and the sound of their pulse, and any noise their jaw might make.

“You’ll hear things in your favorite recordings you never noticed before,” said Klipsch senior acoustic designer Mark Blanchard, in a statement. “The X5’s versatility and rugged design make it an excellent choice for road warriors, students, or anyone else who wants no-compromise audio, extreme levels of comfort, and fashion-forward style.”

The Image X5s are designed to work with a wide range of audio devices (like iPods and iPhones), and come with a faux-leather carrying case, a 1.4-inch headphone adapter, five sets of differently-sized ear gels for precise fitting, and an ear gel cleaning tool for…well, that should be obvious. The X5s are only 2 mm larger than their predecessors, and feature a balanced full-range armature micro-driver that’s designed to provide clear high-end reproduction, where the X10s were more intended for folks who love a lot of bass.

We’re not sure how many students will be willing to fork over $250 for a set of earbuds, but Klipsch says the X5s will be available at retailers an online later this month. As an incentive, buyers who fill out their online warranty registration will receive a free package of replacement ear gels.