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Klipsch Audio Acquires Jamo

The Jamo assets will become a new wholly owned subsidiary of Klipsch Audio Inc. and will operate under the name of Jamo International Aps; both will operate as separate companies.

According to Klipsch’s spokesman, Joshua Ryan Hall, the goal of the purchase was to assemble one of the top audio brands in Europe and the number one speaker brand in the United States under acorporate management team that has achieved seven consecutive years of sales growth.

Moreover, as Klipsch asserted, the purchase expands the global reach of Klipsch Audio and improves the operational cost structure of both subsidiaries. Jamo is a premier European speaker brand thatalso has significant distribution in Asia including 135 company-operated retail stores in China. Klipsch Audio Technologies is ranked number one in all U.S. speaker distribution channels maintaininga 13 percent market share, according to NPD Techworld, a point-of-sale market tracking firm.

Prodution of Jamo’s critically lauded 2F concept of home theater solutions will not continue. “Jamo’s core competency is in designing and engineering affordable Danish-design speakers,” Klipsch’sspokesman added. “A narrowing of the company’s focus is necessary in order to strengthen core competencies and solidify its marketshare globally.”

Klipsch made the acquisition announcement concurrent with other plans for major international expansion. In collaboration with VantagePoint Venture Partners, one of the world’s leading venturecapital firms, Klipsch will expand its reach with its immediate entry into new markets.

As part of the relationship with VantagePoint, Klipsch named two new senior executives to the management team from VantagePoint portfolio company Aurora Inc. John Carter, former chief engineer ofBose Corp., has been named chief technology officer of Klipsch. Tom Jacoby, former CEO of Harman Consumer Group, joined Klipsch as chief development officer and vice chairman.