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LG Bringing Netflix to HDTVs

LG Bringing Netflix to HDTVs

Last year, LG and video rental service Netflix teamed up on a set-top box, then big mid-year announced a Netflix-enbabled Blu-ray player that could stream video content from Netflix via a user’s home broadband connection. Now, the companies are taking the partnership right into televisions, announcing LG Broadband HDTVs that can stream Netflix content via a user’s home broadband network with no external hardware required.

The LG Broadband HDTV’s will offer a built-in interface that enable users to access their Netflix queues and instantly watch any queued items that are available for streaming. Users will still manage their queues—which include rentals of standard DVDs and Blu-ray titles—through the Netflix Web site, but users will be able to access synopses, enter ratings for movies, and be able to fast-forward and rewind through the streamed video. Users must, of course, be Netflix subscribers to access streaming video selections; subscriptions start at $8.99 per month.

LG and Netflix will be demonstrating the TVs at CES this week, but have not announced specific models and pricing. The companies plan to offer both LCD and plasma-based Netflix-enabled HDTVs "this spring."

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