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Linn announces Classik Movie System Di

A new processor platform supports surround sound playback of external analogue and digital sources. The Classik Movie Di is an all-in-one total entertainment system and a cost effective high performance alternative to audio and video separates.

The Classik Movie Di is the most powerful Classik home entertainment solution from Linn and, like the standard Classik Movie, it integrates DVD and CD playback with an AM/FM tuner, multi-channel power amplification and multiroom distributed audio.

Classik Movie Di also offers the performance and simple multi-room plug-and-play features of the successful Classik Movie together with flexibility, additional processing power and surround sound decoding from external digital and analogue sources.

With two digital audio inputs for external sources as well as composite video, S-video and component video inputs and outputs, the Classik Movie Di outputs concurrent digital and analogue audio. Linked audio and video sources make for simple operation.

The complete Linn CLASSIK range now consists of: