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Lite-On LVD 2001 review

Quote from the review:

“After hearing the readers of my original review rant and rave about me not stressing and testing the MPEG-4 playback, I decided to re-do parts of the review, which should be apparent if you read the original. I’ve tested out MPEG-4 playback quite a bit, and I found it to be nothing short of excellent. It works like advertised, and provides an amazing level of convienence to those people who download many DivX videos. Instead of having to waste hours of their time per movie to convert the file into the right format, all they need to do is burn it to a CD. It’ll then be ready for watching.

Besides the MPEG-4 playback, which is quite amazing, the player itself is very nice. The photo viewing feature works great, and the player is very easy to use. I managed to set everything up and use the drive easily, even though the manual was written in Japanese. My friends, who have little technological knowledge, could also use the player fine for basic tasks. While some features are a little more complicated (such as the photo viewing), it’s definetly something that you don’t need a rocket scientist for, and just about anyone over the age of 7 can manage.

I must say that I was mistaken when I said (and I quote) “With the exception of the memory card reader, there is nothing that is too exciting about the LVD-2001. It’s much like a regular DVD player, and it doesn’t really stand out.” This player is far from normal and has features that no other DVD player has. MPEG-4 support is just a awesome feature to have, and it should not be taken lightly. Therefore, I retract my original statement and I replace that with “This drive is actually quite the opposite of “nothing too exciting.” It’s MPEG-4 playback is incredible, and that brings a whole new life to those people who download many movies in the format. While the photo viewer, etc. are all great, the thing that makes this player so special is the DiVx support, and I must say that I was extremely impressed.”

Instead of my original rating of a 9.0 for this product, I would like to give it a perfect 10. While there are a few flaws, they cannot stop this product for just being marvelous. Congratulations, Lite-On! “

Our take: While there is no doubt that this DVD player appears to be packed with features, I have a difficult time believing that Lite-On can just jump into the home DVD market with a perfect player. So with that being said, we advise you to read this review with a grain of salt. Overall SLCentral gives the Lite-On LVD 2001 a perfect 10/10.

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