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Microsoft’s MSN TV service gets update

The software update provides subscribers with enhancements and improved online functionality including greater access to Web sites, new protocols for MSN Chat and MSN Messenger Service, and added security for online transactions. The automatic download went into effect for all MSN TV subscribers by April 22, 2003.

“The Internet and Web-based standards are constantly changing, and we have developed software enhancements to provide our subscribers with greater access to the Internet as well as improved functionality on some of the most-visited Web sites,” said Julia Schiff, group product manager at MSN TV. “We made these improvements based on valuable user feedback, so now our users can enjoy many of the benefits of the Web sites they visit frequently.”

The MSN TV software update includes more than 200 improvements that enhance MSN TV functionality and online performance. Secure sockets layer (SSL) updates to the product provide enhanced security features and access to secure Web sites when conducting online transactions. JavaScript updates provide greater access to content and services on some of the Web sites visited most by users of MSN TV. As part of continued integration of MSN TV with MSN, new protocols will improve the delivery of MSN Chat and MSN Messenger.

The MSN TV system from RCA includes an Internet receiver, a wireless keyboard and remote control, and is available for $99 (MSRP) at Best Buy Company Inc. and Circuit City Stores Inc. stores across the United States. More information on MSN TV service, as well as the names and locations of retailers, can be found at http://www.msntv.com/ or by calling (800) 469-3288.