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Monster Unveils SIRIUS Accessories Line

Monster, that company which brings you all of those A/V cables and the like, is getting into the satellite radio accessories market as today they unveiled a line of products aimed at SIRIUS subscribers.

The first two products out of the gate, according to a Monster press release, are a $49.95 home antenna and $59.95 car antenna. Both connect to a SIRIUS enabled device, with the home antenna having a hinged base for easy positioning and the car antenna a powerful magnet so it can hold on for the ride.

Other products joining Monster’s new SIRIUS product line up soon include an antenna extension cable, dish mount antenna and TV/radio combiner, the latter of which connects to satellite TV to transmit TV and radio signals through the same coaxial line.

“Satellite Radio is becoming incredibly popular and SIRIUS Satellite Radio is in the forefront of the market by bringing over 120 channels of programming to subscribers,” explained Noel Lee, The Head Monster. “SIRIUS subscribers can choose the channels they want when they want it … from news in the morning to jazz at night. They can create a vibe, spark a debate, or change the mood just by changing the station. Monster will support this vibrant and ever-expanding market by releasing a complete line of accessories specially designed for SIRIUS components.”