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None of your favorite shows would have existed in an a la carte cable world

Mad Men? Breaking Bad? Sons of Anarchy? You might not like to admit it, but our current system of bundled, overpriced cable packages helped birth some of television’s best shows.
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Where’s my CNN? Dish subscribers lose channels over Turner contract dispute

Dish subscribers woke up to a loss of several channels this morning, including CNN, Cartoon Network, and Turner Classic Movies, among others, thanks to a breakdown in contract negotiations between Dish Network and Turner Broadcasting.
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Awesome! The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack is coming out on cassette tape

The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack will be released on cassette tape this November. It's a limited edition and can only be found at a few record stores.
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What if Yahoo or Alibaba bought Netflix? Brace yourself, it might just happen

As the online TV space grows more and more crowded thanks to corporate-owned newcomers like HBO and CBS, Netflix has been in a precarious position. Porter Bibb of Mediatech Capital says the small, yet extremely popular company is ripe for a…
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Spotify supports CarPlay now! Except it has for a while, and it’s still broken

Spotify today released an update to its iOS app which supposedly added Apple CarPlay support. Unfortunately, CarPlay support isn't actually new for Spotify, and even worse, the app still doesn't work with CarPlay.
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Panasonic’s flagship 4K LED TV may cost you $7,000, hits stores in November

Panasonic's dazzling new flagship 4K UHD TV, the AX900, hits stores next month in a 65-inch screen size, along with the company's 85-inch AX850. Both TVs offer class-leading color reproduction and 4K THX certification.
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Google gets FCC approval for Nexus Player, preorders likely to reopen

Forced to halt all preorders of the Nexus Player on Saturday, Google will now be able to take orders of the set-top box once again after receiving approval from the Federal Communications Commission.
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This copper-clad cone-shaped speaker learns what music you like and streams it via Wi-Fi

The Aether Cone speaker is a Wi-Fi and AirPlay enabled speaker unlike anything we've evaluated before. In our hands-on video we explain how it's different.
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Panasonic makes one of the best TVs of the year, but you still can’t buy it yet

Panasonic showed its flagship 4K television, the AX900U, in the US for the first time at the Luxury Electronics Show in Beverly Hills. We went eyes-on with the TV and show it off in this video, where we discuss our first…
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Yamaha YSP-2500 Review

This soundbar beams audio off your walls for convincing surround sound.