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TiVo sales continue to slump

It's no secret that TiVo is struggling, but after reporting record losses this third quarter, many are starting to question how exactly the DVR company plans to turn itself around.

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ViewSonic Pro8200 Projector offers HD for under $1,000

ViewSonic's Pro8200 projector offers full 1080p resolution, dual HDMI 1.3 inputs, and 2,000 lumens of brightness for $999.

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Vudu coming to Panasonic Blu-ray players

HD video streaming service Vudu has another partner: this time it's Panasonic's 2010 line of Viera Cast-enabled Blu-ray players.

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Yahoo Connected TVs to offer widgets for sale

Starting next year, developers will be able to start selling widgets to Internet-capable TVs running Yahoo's Connected TV platform.


Motorola survey says consumers will still pay for TV service, but Internet TV on the rise

A new survey from Motorola reinforces that TV is a beloved American pastime, and it's going to see some changes in the next few years. But not all ones you'd expect.


Orb TV streams Internet video to TV, uses smartphone as remote

Orb TV can pull the likes of Hulu and Comedy Central from a PC to a TV, uses a smartphone as a remote, and costs $99.


Vudu lands on the PlayStation 3

Vudu high-definition streaming movies will be available to registered PS3 users in the United STates starting next week.

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Vizio’s new XVT HDTV lineup now available with 3D

Vizio's new XVT HDTV lineup features better refresh rates and built-in Wi-Fi. Oh, and now supports 3D.

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Five reasons Google TV could fail

From ongoing spats with content providers to its Ask-Jeeves-caliber search, Google TV has a long way to go before it will truly find a home in most living rooms.


Boxee Box on sale today, Hulu Plus and Netflix coming

The Boxee Box streaming video set-top box goes on sale today...and Netflix and Hulu Plus should be coming soon.

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Avantgarde Trio Classico speakers look whimsical, cost $190K

Avantgarde's giant Trio Classico speakers will run you a high price tag, but have the unique design to show for it.


Sneak peek of Olive Media’s new O6HD music server

Olive Media is trying to garner attention by giving sneak peeks at their new O6HD music server aimed at audiophiles.

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Leaked image of the rumored ESPN Xbox 360 console; UPDATE: no plans for the console

There's nothing more than this mock-up to offer proof, but it looks like Microsoft either had or has plans for an ESPN Xbox 360 design.


Fancast.com is Google TV’s latest loss

A workaround that allowed Google TV users to view content networks had blocked from other sites sealed up on Monday as Fancast.com denied access to Google TV boxes.


Logitech Revue with Google TV Review

Logitech's Revue brings the Web to your TV as the first set-top box with the Google TV operating system.

  • Pros: Full Flash-enabled Web browser on the TV , Ties together…
  • Cons: “Universal” search leaves out major sources of content…