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Kickstart your home theater with one of these 7 amazing A/V receivers under $1,000

You can get a lot with a grand, including a terrific premium A/V receiver. Here are our top picks, all of which deliver the features you need and the sound you crave.
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Don't let the low price fool you, these entry-level receivers don't toy around

Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's worth buying. Many budget AV receivers look great on paper, but fail to deliver the robust feature set you expect. To help steer you in the right direction, we've assembled a list of the best AV…
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These cans don’t just turn any surface into a speaker, they sound good doing it

Revolution Acoustics has developed a different kind of transducer that can convert nearly any surface into a (potentially) giant speaker that seemingly creates invisible audio. We go hands on with the system in this video to find…
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DirecTV beats cable companies to 4K, will offer 19 movies Friday, live TV to come

DirecTV announced it will launch its highly anticipated 4K service Friday, marking the first of its kind for satellite or cable services. The new VOD service will test the waters for DirecTV's forthcoming 4K channels in 2015.

PlayStation Vue: Sony’s long-awaited TV service is official, will carry 75 channels

Sony has finally announced its long-anticipated, cloud-based TV streaming service, PlayStation Vue, which has set its sites on cable and satellite TV.

Sony's ready for CES 2015, will reveal new hardware on January 5

Sony has confirmed it will holding a press conference on January 5, at next year's CES tech extravaganza. Details haven't been revealed, but if previous years are anything to go by, expect everything from new phones to TVs to be on display.
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Why Silicon Valley needs Hollywood more than Hollywood needs Silicon Valley

Pundits and pontificators paint Silicon Valley as the new center of media thanks to titans like Netflix, but in the Entertainment 2.0 landscape, is it the guys who own the cables or the content who really hold all the cards?
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Amazon’s new 4K video streaming service won’t cost Prime members an extra dime

Amazon releases a statement promising that, unlike Netflix, its forthcoming 4K service won't add a premium to its current Prime Membership pricing.
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If the JBL Horizon’s music or alarm can’t wake you up, perhaps its ambient lighting system will

JBL's new Horizon clock radio has customizable alarms for each person, and adds ambient light to the wake-up experience.
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Samsung strikes exclusive pay-per-view 4K movie and TV streaming deal with M-GO

M-Go announces its new 4K content library, which will include around 100 4K titles all told, exclusive for now to Samsung 4K/UHD TVs.

This suitcase-style turntable is the ultimate gift for hipsters

Pyle Audio aims to spark some nostalgia by bringing back a vinyl-age classic: A portable turntable with built-in speakers. This re-conceived version comes with a bevy of modern conveniences, though, with Bluetooth and a rechargeable battery…