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These short videos show off Canon’s newest camcorders’ filmmaking capabilities

Talking about what a camcorder can do is good, but seeing what it can produce is even better. To see what Canon's new C300 Mark II and XC10 4K-capable camcorders can do, checking out these short videos.
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Geriatric Apple TV still on a roll, gains USA Now and CBS Sports apps

Apple TV's gaining two new apps: CBS Sports and USA Now. They join NBC Live Sports Extra and TED Talks as recent additions to Apple's aging, soon-to-be-supplanted streaming hardware.
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Sling TV adds Spanish language sports and movie channel packs to the fold

Sling TV has added sports, telenovelas and movies to their Spanish-language offerings, adding a host of new channels in two new $5 bundle packs, available to add on to the core $20 offering.

Grooveshark is back, and just as illegal as ever (Update)

Grooveshark is back, for now, in stripped-down form just days after court-ordered shutdowns. A person nicknamed Shark purports to have backed up 90 percent of the site's content and uploaded it to a new site.
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Comcast’s failed acquisition of TWC cost a third of a billion dollars

Comcast's attempted acquisition of Time Warner Cable didn't come cheap -- the company spent $336 on related legal and consultant fees. But that's a drop in the bucket for America's largest cable company.
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The new Apple TV may feature a redesigned remote with a touchpad

Previous versions of the Apple TV have used a remote paradigm that we all know well: buttons and a four-way directional control pad. While two physical buttons will still be used on the remote, it's rumored that a touchpad will now be used…
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Find out why the sound is just as integral to making Age of Ultron real

In a new SoundWorks Collection sound profile, we get to watch Sound Designer Christopher Boyes from Skywalker Sound tell us how he used innovation, and new technologies like Dolby Atmos to make Age of Ultron blow our minds, and…
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The Muppets take the Internet in YouTube collaborative series

YouTube's biggest stars are linking up with the Muppets in new collaboration in an effort to connect with younger audiences. Famous YouTubers like Lindsey Sterling and Vsauce3's Jake Roper will appear alongside well-known Muppets…

With Apple’s service closing in, Spotify goes for broke with 3 months of Premium for $1

As the streaming music wars heat up, Spotify quietly rolled out a promotion to try three months of its premium service for $0.99. The deal hopes to lure new users to the service before Apple debuts its highly-anticipated subscription music…
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Comcast’s Xfinity Share lets you stream content live to any X1 set-top box

Comcast launched Xfinity Stream today, a new app for Android and iOS that lets cable subscribers live stream to X1 set-top boxes. It has a few caveats, though, chiefly no playback control.
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Netflix-inspired binging comes to NBC for David Duchovny’s crime drama Aquarius

Taking a page from Netflix, NBC will make all 13 episodes of the Duchovny police drama available the day after its broadcast debut. While TV consumers have long embraced binging on VOD platforms, this marks a first for broadcast TV.